Top 10 amazing tips to get maximum marks in your examination

Top 10 amazing tips to get maximum marks in your examination

Top 10 amazing tips to get maximum marks in your examination

Top 10 amazing tips to get maximum marks in your examination:-

Tip 1: Solve previous year papers:

By solving the previous year paper you can get a clear view how your examination paper will be. There is a chance of questions repeating from the previous paper. Solving previous paper will help you to know how the exam will be and which type of questions will come in the examinations. Boost your confidence by solving more previous year papers and Sample papers. By solving these papers you could identify the difficulty level. You can figure out how to secure your marks easily with these papers.

Tip 2: Be thorough with your syllabus:

There are various reference books available in the market but instead of relying on these heavyweight books, it would be best if you stick to your textbook which is following your syllabus like NCERT books, etc. The textbook is designed strictly according to your syllabus and the questions in the exam would never come out of the syllabus.

Tip 3: Manage your time:

It is crucial that you do not neglect the time and manage it properly. Time management is an important factor and it can make a huge difference during the study. Study the theory subjects in the morning as it helps to retain a long memory while reading in the morning. Do not waste time on unnecessary stuff, use free time in school to practice logical subjects. Self-study plays a vital role in success, so you must do it. Divide your time for revision of each and every subject.

Tip 4: Last time revision:

Revision plays a crucial role to get success in your examinations. You must give appropriate time for revision. Revision should start 4-5 days before your examinations.

Tip 5: Don’t panic in the examination:

If the paper is quite difficult, don’t panic in your examination because it is difficult to all students. So always keep your patience.

Tip 6: Handwriting:

Handwriting plays a vital role to get maximum marks in your examination. The majority of the students take the value of handwriting very lightly. They do not understand that it is handwriting which brings in some extra marks. If your handwriting is neat, viable and easy to read then the examiner unconsciously or consciously checks generously and you get a few extra marks by the virtue of your good handwriting.

Tip 7: Time Management during your examination:

Time Management plays a crucial role to get maximum marks in your examination. Be ready with your plan to manage your time during your examination well in time and you must follow this plan during your examination.

You should have an alternative plan for time management during your examination.

Tip 8: Quality Content and Avoid Grammatical Mistakes:

If you want to score maximum marks in examination, you should not stuff your answers with any unwanted trash. Grammar plays a very significant role in getting higher marks in your examination. One way of achieving this is by writing your answers in a very simple and plain language instead of using complex terms.

Tip 9: Order of answering your questions:

Order of answering your questions play a vital role to score maximum marks in any examination. First, you should read and analyze the complete question paper. You should start writing your answers to the question that you know best because it put a good impression on your answer sheet evaluation. It may definitely fetch you some bonus points.

Tip 10: Check and Re-check your Answer Paper:

You must Check and Re-check your Answer Paper before submitting. Many of the pupils fall short of time to check their answer paper after finishing it. To avoid this, try to complete your exam paper at least 15 minutes before time so that you have enough time to check all your written answers.

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